Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is Anybody Else Disapointed????

OK, I probably sound like a TV junkie, but really I am not. We watch three shows. American Idol, Lost and the Office.
The Office is one of my all time favorite shows. I love it, but I have to say that this season has been a little disappointing to me. You would think that with the writers strike, they would have had time to come up with some really great ideas, but it looks as if they just took a long vacation. Well it is time to clean out the cobwebs, and start making us laugh again! There have been a few things that have really bothered me.
1. There is a reason it is called "The Office", so lets keep the show filmed there. Not Michael Scott's house, or Dance clubs/Ryan's apartment.
2. Speaking of Ryan, he just needs to go away. He is so not funny, and is a horrible actor, and this new storyline of him on drugs is lame.
3. Get off the topic of SEX! It seems like they are trying to make it just like all the other shows out there, by adding all the garbage. NEWSFLASH: It doesn't need it!! It is more funny without it.
On a happier note, I love the Jim and Pam story line, and I loved the second episode of the season because of that, but the other two episodes have been a disappointment for me. There have been some funny things, but not the typical Office, that has me rolling from beginning to end.
Is anybody else with me on this one?

Monday, April 28, 2008

I Have The Greatest Hubby!!

For my birthday this weekend Jimmy took me overnight to a hotel about 20 minutes from our house, while his mom stayed with the kids. (Thanks again Margie for doing that for us) It was so nice to be able to sleep all through the night, and to be able to sleep in a little bit in the next morning. We were right by an outside shopping mall, so we walked around and shopped a little bit the next morning before going home. Anybody who knows Jimmy knows that he hates shopping, but he was so patient and sweet to go along with me that day.
He got me the xbox version of American Idol, which is such a fun game to play. We stayed up until 1:00 playing it, and laughing our heads off. If you have never played it, I definitely suggest it.
That night I had to make cinnamon rolls for Young Women's in Excellence, so he got all of the kids ready and put them to bed by himself. (even while the NFL draft was going on). Tonight he is taking me to the Colbie Collait concert, which I am very excited about.
Thanks babe for making my birthday great, and for being who you are. I am so lucky to have you in my life!
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yet another "2" moment

A couple of my friends have been blogging about their daughters that are younger than McKartnee. They are already showing interest in, and are successfully being potty trained. I have been very impressed, because Mckartnee has no interest in being potty trained at all. The only time that I can get her to sit on the potty is when she gets in the tub, and even at that it is for like two seconds. I always try to make it fun, and reward her, but still no interest. I haven't wanted to force her and make it a negative experience, so I have been fine with just waiting until she shows more signs of being ready.
Well, I am now really hoping that this will be soon. She is at the stage where she does not want to keep her clothes on. She probably changes her clothes 5 times a day. If she takes her pants off she always takes her diaper off too, which she thinks is hilarious. She always says "Look mom, I naked". I keep explaining to her that if she doesn't want to wear her diaper anymore, she needs to learn to go potty in the big girl potty. Until then she has to keep her diaper on. Each time that she takes it off, I ask her "do you have to go potty?" She will say no, so I will always put her diaper and her clothes back on. This morning we went through the whole routine again. When she said that she didn't have to go potty, I went to get her diaper. She ran and hid in my closet (her favorite hiding place) and peed on the floor. Grrrrrrrr!! I have the feeling that it is not going to be an easy feat to potty train this girl.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bugs Bugs Bugs.

So anybody that has been to Virginia in the summer months knows that we have an over abundance in bugs! Also anybody who knows me very well knows that I really do not like bugs at all. In fact some of them really freak me out.
My kids on the other hand love bugs and have no fear of them whatsoever (they get that from Jimmy). Last year Wyatt loved bugs a little too much, and didn't know quite when to stop with them. Especially worms. He would carry them around in his hand for a long, long time, and then he would get mad at them when they would no longer move.
My friend Amber did a Family Home Evening where they made bugs out of fruit. I thought that this would be a fun thing to do after teaching the kids to be nice to the bugs, ie. not pull their wings and legs off, not smash the life out of the worms etc. (Thanks for the idea Amber)
The kids loved it, and had such a fun time making their own bugs. Unfortunately it is all coming back to get me now. Every time that I see a big creepy bug in my house I calmly go and get a paper towel to dispose of it. If Wyatt is anywhere near, he always says "No mom, we have to be nice to the bugs remember". Then I end up having to softly pick the bug up with the paper towel and put it back outside, knowing dang well he will make his way right back into my house. I guess kids really teach us to practice what we preach!

Vent Session

Does anybody else hate when people tell you they will be at your house between such and such times, so you wait, putting everything off that needs to be done, in hopes that they will actually show up??
Our A/C went out last week, the hottest week of the year so far (my luck). The soonest they could come to look at it was today. I set up for them to come this morning. They said that they would be here between 9 and 11 . I usually shower when Walker goes down for his morning nap, but didn't this morning thinking they might actually show up when they said that they would. I should know better! It is now 11:20, I am not even ready for the day, and still no a/c man!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grandma Came To Town

Last week my mom, sister and brother came to visit us. We were so excited to have them come. We had a great time while they were here. The kids were in heaven, and got spoiled rotten. They were only here for four days, but we had great weather, and were able to do a lot of fun things.
We went into DC to see the cherry blossoms, and all of the monuments, went to the circus, went back to DC to see different museums, went to a Braves/Nationals game (luckily the Braves won), and went to Mount Vernon.
It is hard at times to live so far away from our friends and family, so it was so nice to have them come. We were sad when the week came to an end. Thanks for coming guys we sure had a fun time.
Any of you are welcome to come and visit any time, we love having company!! There is so much to do out here, and most of it for free.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

From the mouth of Babes

As I am using my blog in place of a journal for the most part, I want to start remembering some of the things that my kids say and do that make me laugh.
I will start with just a few of the things that Wyatt said as he was just learning to talk that had us rolling. He used F in place of some of his other letters. He called smartees "farties". All of Jimmy's brothers loved that one. We have a creek that we like to walk down to by our house, and he would always say "I want to go to the freak". He loved lollipops during this time, and I had to be very careful to call them lollipops. Every time I heard somebody say sucker I would cringe in fear of what he would call it. Luckily he stuck with lollipop.
McKartnee loves the song Santa Clause is coming to town. She is still singing it every day. She always says "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you Wyatt." I think she seriously thinks that song was written for her brother. It is pretty cute.
Jimmy when he was younger used to always call the National Monument a pencil, because he thought it looked like one. He has told our kids that, and the other day when we were driving into DC, Wyatt said very excitedly " Mom I see it, I see it, I see Pennsylvania."
I dropped my kids off at one of my friends houses last week to have a play date while I ran errands. When I came back McKartnee kept saying "Mom, I scared of the Germans" I kept trying to figure out what she was saying, but that was all that I heard. Finally I said "show mommy". She took me into her friends room and showed me her pet Gerbils.
I love kids and the funny things that they say as they are learning to express themselves. Although I work with them to say things the right way, it always makes me sad when they actually start doing it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools Jokes

Ok, so yesterday as I was reading on the internet for ideas of a joke to play on Jimmy, I read one that was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing. I thought I would share it with you.
There were these two guys driving somewhere at night, and the passenger fell asleep. The driver pulled into one of the truck rest stops. and pulled right in front of a parked semi with it's lights on. He put the car in park, and then started screaming " Oh my gosh, we are going to die". His friend woke up and literally wet his pants he was so scared.
That is a little mean, but hilarious. I don't know why, but I love to see people get scared. Jimmy and I used to watch a show called scare tactics, and it is so funny to see how people react when they are scared.
I didn't come up with anything original yesterday, but I did get Jimmy pretty good. First I put a rubber band around the sprayer in the sink, and when he turned it on it got him all wet. Then he left it on, and I forgot about it so when I went to make dinner, it backfired and I sprayed myself.
Then, last night I did a pregnancy test. It only had one line on it, and was totally negative, but Jimmy doesn't know the difference. I brought it out and showed him. He look at it and said "does this mean you are pregnant?" I told him that it did. He started to get excited, and then as he thought about it he said "No, this is an April Fools joke, you are much too calm for this to be real." My husband knows me well. I had him going for a minute though.
How about you guys, did anybody do any fun jokes for April Fools Day?