Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wyatt's Preschool Graduation

Wyatt had his preschool graduation on Thursday. He was so excited. When he was up on stage, he just couldn't stop smiling.
They all stood up and said the pledge of allegiance, and sang some songs that they had learned. Then the teachers stood up and said what each child was remembered by. Wyatt and his friend Benjamin were remembered as the dynamic duo that was never separated. Wyatt was also remembered by his funky hairdo's. (I guess that's what you get when your mom is a hair stylist right?)
After that they walked across the stage to get their little diploma's. It was very cute.
I was very happy with his preschool. The girls all were so good with the kids. I am glad he will be doing it again next year, but I am sad that his little best friend will be going to kindergarten.

McLean Day / Memorial Day

I am so far behind in blogging. I have been a real slacker lately. The weekend before last was McLean Day. While it was nothing like Payson Onion Days, it was still fun, and the kids had a great day. We didn't take many pictures, but they rode on the merry-go-round several times, they did the pony rides, and Wyatt even won a goldfish. He named his fish Lava Gills, and was really into him for the first couple of days. The fish started turning brown, and wasn't looking too hot, so I flushed him down the toilet before we had a dead fish to deal with. Luckily he hasn't even noticed.
For Mem
orial Day, it is a tradition for all of Jimmy's family to go to Kings Dominion. It was such a fun day, but I am a big loser and forgot my camera. Wyatt was tall enough this year to go on a couple of the big rides. He loved them. He would just giggle the whole time. It was very cute. McKartnee hated the rides that went up high. I think she may be afraid of heights, but she loved these big monster trucks that went around a big track. One of the many times that she went on it, I couldn't see her in any of the trucks. There was one truck that all you could see was a big hat, but I didn't think it was her, because she didn't have a hat. Well it turned out to be her. She had found a hat in the truck and put it on, but it covered up her whole face. She didn't seem to mind.
This was the first year that I wasn't pregnant or with a newborn, so I was even able to ride some of the rides. It was great.
I have to tell a story about Wyatt that happened while we were there. Wyatt has always been a little headstrung, he knows what he wants, and he goes after it.. This makes things difficult a lot of times because he wont take no for an answer. While we were there, his two girl cousins went into the girls bathroom by themselves(because the one is older), so he was determined that he was going into the boys bathroom by himself. We ended up playing tug of war, and he was getting very upset. I kneeled down to explain to him why he couldn't go in by himself, and as I was talking, he said "Blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah". I was so shocked and mad!! I didn't even know what to say. He felt bad after, but said that he couldn't remember where he heard it. He is 4 years old, not 8 or 9. He was lucky we were at the park, or he would still be in his room today.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wyatt's Missionary Call

Our ward did a cute little primary activity where they sent out mission calls to the kids. Wyatt got called to Germany. They reported to the church on Saturday morning, where they had a pretend learning center, a pretend airplane where they flew to their different countries, they even had a mission president and his wife. They taught them all about being a missionary. The kids all loved it. We have the most creative primary president. I love her. She always has the cutest ideas, and is so good with the kids. Wyatt was so proud to be a missionary for the day.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just For Laughs

I thought this was too funny!

Sunday, May 11, 2008



This is your son Walker, I hope the title of this entry or the fact I am writing already did not startle you. I just wanted to get your attention. I had a rough night of sleep last night and decided to hop on the computer while you and dad were still sleeping. I see you on this blog thing occasionally looking at pictures and reading stories. I have even seen you laughing and giggling as you look through pictures and videos of me. I may never understand what is so funny about an innocent little 10 month old boy tasting a lemon.

Anyways, bet you never thought I had blogging skills did you. I have months of observation experience from my floor view, truthfully I could have written something like this months ago. Hey, a kids gotta pick up something with all that time…. you should see me drive.

Mom, the purpose of this entry is to warn you. There have been some strange things going on around here the past couple of days. I need to trust you that this information will not leave this blog.

Ok…. I caught Wyatt and Kartnee red-handed yesterday morning scheming up some type of plan of action, maybe a revolt at dinner time tonight or something. Now I have no idea what the plan involves, I simply wanted to fill you in. I feel it is my duty as the youngest in the family to report these kinds of things. Fine, I was part of it too, ENJOY!

P.S. Sorry for the grammatical errors, dad must have not been a good speller either, must run in the genes.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wyatt: "I Feel Something Inside"

We had a great, fun filled weekend with family. Jimmy's sister Kim just had a baby last month, and they came down here this weekend from New York to bless baby Brady. He is such a cute little guy, and he received a very sweet blessing. We love when they come down. They are so much fun to be around, and the kids all have so much fun together.
During fast and testimony meeting, we had a lot of family stand up to bear their testimonies. Both of Jimmy's parents did, Kim did, and his little brother Justin did. Wyatt was listening more intently than he does on other weeks. He leaned over to Jimmy and asked what a testimony was. While Jimmy was telling him, he said "Dad I feel something inside" Jimmy explained that it was the spirit telling him the church was true. He asked if he could go up and bear his testimony. Now I know that we are asked to not have our kids go up if they still need help, but after that, how can you say no. He was so proud going up there, and he did a great job. It is moments like this that really melt my heart as a mom.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pet Day at Reston Town Center

They had "Pet Day" out at the Reston Town Center Mall. It is an outdoor mall, and everybody could bring their pets on leashes. They had concerts going on, face paintings, and all different tents set up with pet supplies, and information about pets.
My kids thought that it was the coolest thing ever. They were in heaven. They seriously ran from dog to dog petting each one. They had no fear at all, and some of the dogs they played with were just as big if not bigger than they were. Wyatt loves dalmations, and was so excited when he finally saw one. He ran right up to it, and it gave him a big slobbery kiss on the face. It was pretty funny.
I have to say that I almost wanted a dog after leaving. There was the cutest baby sharpee. I was really glad that it wasn't for sale, because it was so cute that I probably would have bought it, and then had buyers remorse this morning.
Before we left we let the kids get their face painted. I thought that there was no way McKartnee would sit still long enough to get it done, but she did great. They turned out really cute. Wyatt was a dinosaur, and McKartnee was a butterfly.
We had a fun filled day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Are The Chances?

My kids have had way too much energy lately! They are bouncing off the walls. McKartnee is also at the stage of trying to give up her nap. On the days that I make her take her nap, she won't go to sleep until around 10:30, and when she doesn't take one, she falls asleep right when her head hits the pillow, but she is also cranky-bo-panky all evening!
I have been trying to get them out of the house to do more things, because when I don't, it just turns to them arguing here at home, and then none of us are happy. Today we got up and I checked the weather, and it said: partly cloudy, with a high of 67, and a 20 percent chance of rain. We decided that we would go to Great Falls Park, have a picnic and do a scavenger hunt. We made our list of things we would find, drew the pictures, and then colored them. We packed up and took off. It wasn't super warm out, but with jackets on we would be fine. Well, I start driving up the road, and it starts sprinkling. I thought with a 20 percent chance, it would just sprinkle a little bit and then be gone, so we went up to the park (a 20 minute drive). We decided to eat in the car and see if the rain would stop, but 40 minutes later it was still raining. I should have been a good mom and still let them still do the scavenger hunt in the rain, but instead I brought two sad kids home, and now it is on the agenda for tomorrow, and hopefully it won't rain. Now it is an hour later, it is sunny and warm outside. What are the chances right? That is just my luck!