Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Little Gold Metalist

Wyatt's preschool class learned about the olympics this week, and to finish the week off, they held their own olympics. It was so cute. They each got a t-shirt with their names on the back, and all of them made a torch and a flag. They all came walking in holding up their torches and flags, and then did cute little competitions. After each of them got to stand up on a platform and receive a gold metal. Wyatt did a great job. It was fun to go and watch him.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Photographer in the Making

McKartnee brought me the camera this morning and said "here mommy". Then she kept saying "See my picture". Wyatt and McKartnee both love to see pictures that we have taken, so I thought that is what she was talking about. When I turned the camera on to show her, this is what I found. Somehow she figured out how to turn the camera on, take some pictures, and then turn it off again. Not bad for a two year old right?

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Girls Night Out

One of my good friends from out here, Liz Hawkins, is moving to California. We had our last girls night out with her last weekend. We went to Maggiano's a really good Italian restaurant. We waited for quite a while, and they couldn't clear two tables by each other, so they ended up putting us in a private room, which was fun. We all talked about our fun times with Liz. She is such a great person. It was a fun night, but I am sad to see her leave!

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Matching Sweaters.

The kids got matching sweaters for Christmas, and I finally got around to having all of them wear them on the same day.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my husband...
What is his name?
James Eldred Johnson III

How long have you been together? 5 years

How long did you date? dated 1 month, engaged for 2 months

How old his he? 29

Who eats more? Usually him, but not always

Who said i love you first? He did

Who is taller? He claims to be three inches taller, but it is closer to one. I think my shoulders

are higher though, because I always look taller.

Who can sing better? Jimmy, I am awful.

Who is smarter? Jimmy, although he hates math, and I love math and figuring puzzles out.

Who does the laundry? I do, except for when I go to Utah, and he gets desperate.

Who pays the bills? It's a team effort. He makes the money, and I write them out and send them off.

Who sleeps on the right side? He does.

Who mows the lawn? Him

Who cooks dinner? Usually me, but he loves to experiment, and is probably a better cook than I am.

Who drives? When both of us are in the car, he usually drives.

Who is more stubborn? definitely me. He is so good to apologize even when I should be the one doing it.

Who kissed who first? He kissed me.

Who asked who out first? We were friends for so long first. I went back east to visit an old roommate, and stayed with his family for part of the trip. It was at the end of that trip that we decided we would date when Jimmy came back out to school. Long story short... We never really had a first date.

Who proposed? Jimmy did

Who has more friends? We both have a lot of friends, but I keep in touch more with mine than he does.

Who is more sensitive? I am for sure. Jimmy is a very stable person. He balances me out.

Who has more siblings? he does

Who wears the pants? probably me just because he is so considerate of my feelings.

Amber (all three), Beka, Heather, Katie, Kelsie, McKell, NelLyn, Nicki, Shayla, Tashina, Tracy, and whoever else that reads this tag, you’re it!

Face Lift

I figured that it was about time for a face lift, considering that Walker was not even in our other family picture. (I am quite the procrastinater) My good friend from out here is an amazing photographer. She is the one that did Walker's announcements. I always love the work that she does. Thanks for the pictures Virginia!! I added her website to the blog, you will have to check it out. She is the greatest!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Human Tornado

HELP!!! I have a human tornado on my hands! We just cleaned their room yesterday. We have not even got ready for the day, and look at it. She pulls all of the books out of the book shelf, opens the drawers and pulls the clothes out, takes all of her shoes out of the closet, pulls the puzzles out and takes all of them apart, emptys off the changing table, etc. etc. I started putting some things up higher on the bookcase where she couldn't reach them, and you can see her solution to that. Now she gets the stool out of the bathroom, and empties more things off.
I wish that it were only her room that she demolishes, but it is my entire house. I spend my whole day cleaning up after her. As I am cleaning one of her huge messes up, she is making another one. She is constantly one step ahead of me. I try to have her help me clean it up, and she ends up pulling more things out. Does anybody have any advise? Wyatt was not the cleanest two year old, but he was nothing like the tornado. If you have any tips please send them my way. You may save McKartnee from being locked in a closet until she turns 3. J/K
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Yeah! It Finally Snowed.

We finally got some snow, and my kids are thrilled. They were so excited to go out and play in it. They did snow angels, ran and slid in it, and when dad got home they had a snowball fight. They started to make a snow man, but the snow was so wet and heavy, that it ended up being just two big snow balls. They didn't care. They just had fun being out in it.
It's too bad that today is supposed to be 50 degrees, and all of the snow will end up melting. Then it is supposed to be 20 for a high on Sunday. The teperatures are so up and down. Earlier this year we had a 40 degree differance in one day. Now you know why McKartnee has a runny nose in all of her pictures. It is neverending.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Six Month Old

Walker just turned six months old. I can't believe how fast time is going. It seems like it goes faster and faster with each kid I have.
Walker is the sweetest little guy. He is so happy all of the time. He loves his big brother and sister, and they can not get enough of him. He just started sitting up on his own. He is constantly jabbering. He seems to make the same noise whether he is happy, sad,mad etc. It seriously sounds like a bird squawking, so he has aquired the nickname squawker. He has been such a blessing in our home. Our family would not be the same without him. We love you little guy!!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was a huge success. The kids got spoiled rotten. Santa brought Wyatt a new bike, that he is loving to ride. The weather has been so nice here, that he is getting to ride it every day. Yesterday was 65 degrees.
McKartnee got a doll house from Santa. I think she is just enjoying some girl toys instead of all of Wyatt's hand me downs.
Walker got a new high chair. Our old one was a hand me down that didn't have a bar in the middle, and my kids, always managed to squirm their way out. I felt like I could never have them in it without being right there, so I am very happy to have this one.
The kids are loving all of their toys from Grandma and Ema and Upa as well. They got some great things.
We really tried to teach Wyatt the spirit of giving as well as getting this year. Our ward always buys gifts for families that are in need in our community. We decided to buy for a little boy Wyatt's age. His items on his want list were things that Wyatt would have loved as well. With one of the toys we got that Wyatt really wanted he kept saying "Can't I just play with it now, and give it to him when Christmas comes?" We explained how lucky he is to have all of his toys, and how he was giving this little boy,who didn't have alot, a chance to have some new toys to play with too. I think this was a great lesson for him to learn.

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This is all of the cousins. They all have so much fun being together. We all wish Kim and Greg and their kids lived closer!
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Christmas Story and Santa

Another fun tradition that Jimmy's family does every Christmas Eve, is they all gather in the family room. Usually we build a fire, but this year it was too hot. We sit together and read "Twas The Night Before Christmas" One of the Johnson boys conveniently disapears before we start reading the story. They go and dress up like Santa, and half way through the story we hear pounding on the roof. We all run outside, and Santa is on the roof and talks to each one of the kids. They are always so excited. Then before he leaves, he tells the kids that they need to go home and go to bed so he can bring them their presents.

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Christmas Eve Cookies

This year all of Jimmy's family came home for Christmas. It was so much fun having everybody together.
On Christmas Eve, all of the cousins got together to decorate sugar cookies for Santa. McKartnee didn't get the message that they were for Santa, and she dug right in to hers.
The mom's oversaw the project and had fun just talking in the kitchen. This is my sister-in-law Cali, who just had her 5th baby a month ago. Doesn't she look fabulous!!

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