Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wyatt's First Time Skiing

I took Wyatt Skiing for the first time last weekend. He actually did pretty good for his first time. I was just happy that he didn't get frustrated and hate it like I did the first time I went. Hopefully we can go one more time before the season is over.

Wyatt's School Olympics

Wyatt's little preschool does a winter olympics each year. They had six different stations they went to. It is so fun to watch them all compete. Then at the end they all get a gold metal. Good job buddy!

Three out of the five in his group are all Johnsons.

Disney World

We went to Disney World with all of Jimmy's family last month. His little brother Justin leaves on his mission to Mexico on March 4, so we decided to do one last family trip before he left. His grandma "Nana" has been in town too, so she came with us which was so fun. It is so much fun when everyone gets together.
It happened to be one of the coldest weeks ever in Florida, but we still had fun inspite of the cold weather.

Catch Up Time

OK, I am the worst blogger ever! I seriously don't know when I used to find the time to blog. I have got some major catch up to do.
This has been the season of injuries for us. Right before Christmas Wyatt and McKartnee were chasing each other. Wyatt ran and jumped on the couch, and overshot it right into our windowseal. He split his eye right open right below his eyebrow. We had to take him in for stitches.
Then while we were at Disney World, McKartnee was walking with her eyes closed, and hit right into a pole that had a metal loop on it. It split her forehead open, and we spent the morning in the first aid place. Luckily our brother in law is a Dr and came to her rescue. It was deep, but she got away with the butterfly bandage.
I hope it is not true when they say things come in three's. Hopefully we have had our share.