Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 Week Utah Trip

In August, we took a three week trip to Utah. We had so much fun. We were able to fit alot of fun things into the three weeks that we had. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for most of it, so I don't have as many pictures as I should.
The kids had so much fun spending time with the family. They get spoiled rotten when we go out there, and they just love spending time with everybody.

Walker's favorite thing to do was to play in the dirt outside. I don't know how many times I would have the kids dressed and ready to go somewhere, and Walker would quickly end up looking like this before we could leave.

We went down to Mt Pleasant to visit Jimmy's grandma "Nana". We love going to visit Nana. She is such a fun person, and the kids had so much fun playing in her yard.

We spent alot of time going to the city park. The kids loved it, and it is a great place to meet friends and be able to visit while the kids are entertained.

Some of the other things that we did while we were there were: Bear Lake with Jimmy's family. His sister lives in Nibley, and we had so much fun seeing them again. Thanks for having us guys. My kids were so happy to see the cousins. We sure wish they lived closer.
We also went down to St George. My mission companion and good friend came up from Vegas to see us. It is always so fun to see her and her cute kids. Thanks Tashina. Then the next day my good friend Tracy and her husband took us out boating. We had so much fun. My kids all loved it. Thanks again B & T!
I also was able to go to the baby blessing of one of my dearest converts/friends from my mission. They had been waiting a long time for this sweet baby girl, and it was such a beautiful blessing. She is absolutely beautiful. Just like her mom!
We went on several little hikes and had such a fun vacation. I thought 3 weeks would seem like a long time, but it flew by. Thanks everyone for making our vacation fun.

15 year Class Reunion

One of the reasons that we went to Utah this summer was for my 15 year Class reunion.
Two of my good friends and I were in charge of planning it. It was a lot of work, but it sure was fun to see everybody again. One of the guys from our class had a family night the night before at his farm, which was fun to be able to see everyone's kids. Then the night after we had a nice dinner. We didn't have as many people come as we would have wanted, but it was fun to be able to visit with those that did. I can't believe it has already been 15 years. I am getting old!

Bean Museum

One tradition we have every year that we go to Utah is to go to the Bean Museum at BYU. My Kids love animals, so they really enjoy going. This year they ended up having a reptile show while we were there. My kids were in heaven. They all had a great time, but I think Wyatt seriously thought he had died and gone to heaven. Reptiles are his favorite thing in the world.

Payson Onion Days

I grew up going to the Payson parade and carinival every year growing up. I was really excited that we were going to be in town this year for Labor Day, so that my kids could experience good old Payson Onion Days. Wyatt even missed his first day of Kindergarten for the "big" event. Of course I forgot my camera for the parade, but I got a few pictures of the carnival.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Boys Change the Brakes




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Our Brakes needed to be changed, so one Saturday morning Jimmy asked Wyatt to come out and help him. Wyatt was so excited and felt so big being able to help him. I love watching them do things together. By the end Walker realized he was missing out on the fun and decided to join in. Quality father son bonding time!

McKartnee's Dance Class

McKartnee took the cutest dance class this summer. It was a fairy tale ballet. They would read stories and act them out each week. The last week the parents got to go in to watch. It was darling. She absolutely loved her class. I felt so bad though, the last week when all the parents were there, I forgot her balet slippers.
She started the class out so sad, but by the end she was having a great time.

Walker's Second Birthday

Walker turned two back in July. We had just a simple party with family. He is such a funny boy. He has alot of energy and is always making us laugh. We are so happy to have him in our family.