Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Pictures

We went to see Santa at the mall today. We go every year, and I love that they have the same Santa each year. It is fun to see how much the kids change from year to year. Today I just had to laugh. No matter what we tried to do, Walker wouldn't stop screaming, and McKartnee was "playing shy", and would not look at the camera. Wyatt was the only one smiling, but of course he is the one with stitches above his eye. Oh well, this will be one to look back and laugh at.

McKartnee's Birthday

Today is Mcartnee's 3rd birthday. We had her princess birthday party on Saturday, and she had so much fun. She had some of her cousins and a few neighborhood friends come. Grandma sent her a new princess dress that she was so excited to wear. She was a beautiful little princess, and was so excited that all of her friends came. McKartnee is at such a fun age. She has the cutest little personality. We are constantly laughing at her. She loves her brothers, and always says that Wyatt is her best friend. She is so cute a nurturing with her dolls. She will make a great mommy one day. She laughs at everything, including when she gets hurt. She rarely cries. When she does I either know that she is really hurt, or she is trying to get somebody in trouble. She has the most contagious laugh, and is already the life of the party. We love you McKartnee and are so blessed to have you in our family!

Picking out our Christmas tree.

Do you ever feel like the world is going full speed ahead, and you are running in slow motion getting further and further behind? This is how I have felt lately. Between Christmas parties, sick kids, Christmas decorating, traditions, birthday parties, kids getting stitches, seeing Santa, and you name it, I have had plenty to blog about, but no time to do it. I will try to catch up, but it may take awhile.

I will start with picking out our Christmas tree. Last year we cut one down for the first time. We had so much, that we decided to make it a tradition. We learned a couple of lessons from last year; 1. The tree's look alot smaller out in an open field than they do in your house, so this year we took a tape measure, and got a more size appropriate tree for our house. If you want to see what I am talking about see last years post 2. Take a truck to bring the tree home in. The kids had so much fun, and they also got to cut one down for jimmy's parents. This time of year is so fun. I just can't believe that Christmas is almost here.