Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wyatt's First Father and Son's

Wyatt had a busy weekend, not only did he get to go the the Wizzards game, he also went to his first father and son's outing. There is a great scout camp about an hour away. They have tents and cots already set up, so you don't have to bring your own. They had a pirate ship Wyatt loved playing on, underground tunnels that were set up to look like they were going down into the sewer, a shooting range, and he even went snipe hunting for the first time. He is still talking about how much fun he had.
While the boys were out playing McKartnee, Walker and I had a fun weekend in. We went shopping, ran errands, watched a movie and ate popcorn.

Wizzards Game

Jimmy got front row tickets to a preseason wizzards game. They had a great time. Jimmy loves Gilbert Arenas, so before the game, he thought of a way to catch his attention. He took his Halo 3 game to see if Gilbert would sign it (I guess gilbert stayed up all night playing it when it first came out), and then we had a HUGE pair of granny underwear we held onto for a gag gift. Jimmy took the underwear and wrote "My grandma loves Gilbert" He got his attention during the game,and asked him if he would sign the game. Since it was a preseason game gilbert wasn't too serious. He sent his towel boy over to get the game, and Jimmy slipped the underwear into the towel with it. When he opened the towel and pulled out the underwear, he had a good laugh. Our friend is a reporter for the wizzards, and when Jimmy told him the story, he posted it to his blog. Check it out, it is a pretty funny story.

Gilbert mentioned the story in his own blog on! Look under his Oct. 20 Preseason Basketball Blog under Funny Story.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweet Little Walker


Walker is doing great. He is getting so big. I took him in for his two month appointment and he is already eleven pounds. I remember with Wyatt being anxios for him to grow and to have all of the firsts, and now that I realize how fast it goes, I just want Walker to stay little. He is a very happy baby. He is always smiling and jabbering. He has brought such a sweet spirit into our home. I am glad that Heavenly Father knew we ready for him, before we did.

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We have hit the two's




How can something so cute be so sassy? McKartnee has always been so good natured. She was almost always happy. WAS is the key word. She is still happy most of the time, but when she doesnn't get her way, WATCH OUT!! We have hit the tantrums. When I tell her no, she will lay down kicking and screaming, and start hitting her head on the floor. Her favorite words are NO and MINE. I am glad to know this is a phase she will grow out of. It's a good thing she is so darn cute. On a happier note, she is constantly making us laugh. She has the funniest little personality. It makes up for the two's.
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Wyatt's first day of Preschool


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Friday, October 5, 2007

What happened to the time??

Where did the last four years go? It seems like yesterday that I brought Wyatt home from the hospital, and now he is off to preschool. He is going to the Mclean Muchkins at the high school. It is a preschool done through the child development course. Alot of the girls in our ward are in there so Wyatt felt comfortable and had a great time. The teacher is LDS, and all but two of the kids are, so I feel comfortable sending him there. I'm sure he will do great. He is such a smart and sweet person. We are very lucky to have him in our family.

Monday, October 1, 2007

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