Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Aniversary

Friday was our five year anniversary. Jimmy and I take turns planning what to do each year. This year was his trun, and he surprised me by taking me skiing. We left the kids with his mom late Thursday night, spent the night in Frederick MD, and got up early Friday morning and drove to the ski resort. It was so much fun. I had not been skiing in years. Jimmy is the greatest guy, and the last five years have been the best five years of my life! I love you babe! Thanks for the fun time.

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Christmas Activities

December is always packed full of fun stuff to do. It always ends up being the busiest (and best)month for us. We have Jimmy and McKartnee's birthdays, our aniversary, and then Christmas.
I put together a slide show of some of the fun things we have done this month: We made gingerbread houses,which the kids loved doing. McLean city's Fire Department does a fun thing every year where Santa rides on top of the firetruck and drives up and down each street. He hands a candycane to each of the kids. They look forward to him coming every year. Walker started rolling over this month, and also started eating cereal. We went to the temple visitor center to hear Jimmy's mom sing, and to see the lights and the nativity. When we were at the nativity, McKartnee had a huge melt down, because she wanted to go and hug the baby Jesus, and I would not let her. The lights were beautiful, and it is always good to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

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McKartnee's Birthday

Monday was McKartnee's second birthday. She got a baby doll that she loves, and a dress up that she won't even touch. Atleast she liked her doll. I guess some success is better than none right?
McKartnee is such a fun little girl. She has the cutest personality, and she is always making us laugh. We feel so blessed that she is part of our family.
It is the funniest thing, but for some reason, everytime that we sing to McKartnee she gets shy and almost cries. (I have probably traumatized her with my beautiful voice) I thought this video was cute, because she does the whole shy thing, and then when she can't blow her candle out, she does the classic "spit it out".
Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Jimmy!!

Jimmy is turning 29 today, so here are 29 of the many reasons that I love him: (in no order)
1. He is the best father in the world. My kids adore him.
2. He is my best friend
3. He helps me take life less seriously
4. He is very patient with me
5. He helps me with the kids at night.
6. He is funny
7. He honors his priesthood
8. He is trustworthy
9. He is a jokester
10. He says things over and over just to annoy me.
11. He would do anything to make me happy
12. He is very loyal
13. He is a great provider
14. He is very personable. He can make anybody feel comfortable around him
15. He is smart
16. He is good at figuring things out.
17. He is not afraid to try new things
18. He can fix anything around the house
19. He is always making me laugh
20. He is very easy to be around
21. He is good at reasoning with the kids (and me for that matter)
22. He respects me and my feelings
23. He likes to experiment with cooking which is really nice when I just don't want to cook
24. He can get great tickets to anything that we want to see. We have been front row to Tim McGraw twice, Rascal Flats, and Keith Urban (all ticket he got from ticket master, not off e-bay paying a fortune)
25. He is very creative. It is fun to watch the things that Wyatt and him come up with while playing together. Whenever Wyatt wants to build anything, Jimmy figures out a cool way to do it.
26. He is easy to talk to. Some of my favorite talks are when we are trying to go to sleep at night, and one of us thinks about something funny the kids did, or the pranks he pulls at work, or trying to solve world problems. Whatever it is he is always patient to listen to me, no matter how tired he is.
27. He is determined
28. He puts his family first
29. He loves to do things to help out other people.. He is a great example to me and our kids.

I could keep going and going. He is such a great husband and dad, and we are all very lucky to have him in our lives!!
Happy Birthday Baby.
I Love You!!!!
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

We had our ward Christmas party last night. The kids were so excited to see santa. McKartnee kept telling me all day that she wanted to give santa a hug, and Wyatt had a long list of things he wanted to ask for. Once it was finally our turn, they both got shy and didn't say a word. At least there were no tears this year though. This was progress from last year.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wyatt's "four year old" Haircut

Now that Wyatt is a big 4 year old, he decided that he wanted a four year old haircut. I was sad, because I loved his long hair, but it will always grow back. He loved the mohawk we did while we were cutting it, and now every time that I do his hair he says " Mom make it stick up in the middle like when you cut it". Usually when you cut kids hair short I think it makes them look younger, but Wyatt looks alot more grown up to me. He is such a fun kid and a joy to have around.

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The Finished Product

Here is our decorated Christmas tree. Nothing fancy, but it works. Today we got our first snow, and now it finally feels like Christmas. I love this time of year.
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Picking Out The Perfect Tree

So, ever since I watched Christmas Vacation as a kid, I thought it would be cool to go to a Christmas tree farm and cut down your own tree. We have had a fake one that we have always used, but last year Jimmy said "next year we are getting a real one", so this year we set out in search of the perfect tree. Being as frugal as we are, we traveled about an hour away to the cheepest farm. It was only $25 for a pine of any size, and $35 for a spruce of any size. WHAT A GREAT DEAL. It didn't take us long to find the perfect tree. Jimmy and Wyatt cut it down, and then they had guys that put it on a trailer and took it back down to the main part. Being the amatures we are, we didn't bring a measuring tape or anything with us. Well let's just say that the trees look pretty small being out in a big field, and when the guys went to bail it, they said " I don't know if this one will fit in the bailer. It took three of them, but they finally got it through. The next challenge was getting it home. It was to big to strap on top of the van for as long as we had to go, so we had to illegally put all three kids in the middle seat, fold the back seat down, and stuff the tree in the back of the van. We were laughing the whole way home and wondering if it would even fit in our little house. It is bigger than we had planned on, but it works. I love having a real tree and the smell of fresh pine. It was a fun thing that I think we will have to make a tradition.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Utah Trip

We decided to surprise my mom this year for Thanksgiving, and just show up at her house. We had so much fun. The kids just loved it. We were able to do alot of fun things. We went to Cabella's, went to the dinosaur and bean museums at BYU, went to the Park City outlets, and we were able to see alot of family and friends that we wish we could see more of. My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures, I am the worst at remembering. The memories are great though. It was so much fun to spend time with all of you again, and for those we didn't see this time, we will have to get together next time. Hopefully during the summer, but next Christmas for sure. Here is a slide show of the few pictures we took.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Baby Is 4!

It seems like yesterday, that we brought little Wyatt home from the hospital, and now he is 4 years old. I can't believe that my baby is 4. Wyatt is such a blessing to have in our home. He is a very kind and sweet boy. Just to show how sweet he is, last night we went to the mall playground, where they have all sorts of things to climb and play on. We noticed Wyatt pulling on this little boys arms, and thought that they were arguing over the toy. When Jimmy went over, he realized that the little boy couldn't get up on the block, and Wyatt was trying to help him up. I was very proud.
I asked him a few months ago, what he wanted to do for his birthday party. Last year we had it at Mcdonalds, and I thought he would say that or Chucky Cheese, but he said "I want to have it at our house, and I want a dinosaur party". I had so much fun putting it together. We played Pin The Tail On the Dinosaur, Musical Dinosaurs, had a dinosaur pinata, and the hit of the party were these fossils that we made. I found a recipie online for fossils, and I got these dinosaur skeletons. I put the dough on the outside and let them dry. We gave each kid a tool and paintbrush, and told them that they were paleontologists, and they got to break the fossil away and take home the little skeletons. Then Wyatt helped me make paper mache ballons that we painted like eggs, and put little dinosaur toys in for their goodie bags. I even attempted to make a dinosaur cake. It turned out better than I thought it would. Overall the day was a success. Happy birthday little buddy!!!
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Halloween was so much fun. Wyatt told me that this year he wanted to be a shark or a whale. I looked and looked and finally found this shark costume. He was so excited and told everybody he was a great white shark. I was a little worried that McKartnee would not wear the princess costume. My friend gave me this cute little dress, so I just got the fairy wings, and the tiarra, but every time that I tried the dress on her, she would say "NO, off off, no pretty princess" I had Wyatt's old tiger costume for back up, but when she saw Wyatt and Walker dressed up, she was ok with wearing it. I thought Walker's little lion costume was too cute. The kids had alot of fun, and got TONS of candy. I will probably end up throwing half of it away. With a church party, Wyatt's school party, and then trick or treating we got more than our share.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wyatt's First Father and Son's

Wyatt had a busy weekend, not only did he get to go the the Wizzards game, he also went to his first father and son's outing. There is a great scout camp about an hour away. They have tents and cots already set up, so you don't have to bring your own. They had a pirate ship Wyatt loved playing on, underground tunnels that were set up to look like they were going down into the sewer, a shooting range, and he even went snipe hunting for the first time. He is still talking about how much fun he had.
While the boys were out playing McKartnee, Walker and I had a fun weekend in. We went shopping, ran errands, watched a movie and ate popcorn.

Wizzards Game

Jimmy got front row tickets to a preseason wizzards game. They had a great time. Jimmy loves Gilbert Arenas, so before the game, he thought of a way to catch his attention. He took his Halo 3 game to see if Gilbert would sign it (I guess gilbert stayed up all night playing it when it first came out), and then we had a HUGE pair of granny underwear we held onto for a gag gift. Jimmy took the underwear and wrote "My grandma loves Gilbert" He got his attention during the game,and asked him if he would sign the game. Since it was a preseason game gilbert wasn't too serious. He sent his towel boy over to get the game, and Jimmy slipped the underwear into the towel with it. When he opened the towel and pulled out the underwear, he had a good laugh. Our friend is a reporter for the wizzards, and when Jimmy told him the story, he posted it to his blog. Check it out, it is a pretty funny story.

Gilbert mentioned the story in his own blog on! Look under his Oct. 20 Preseason Basketball Blog under Funny Story.

Original Blog

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweet Little Walker


Walker is doing great. He is getting so big. I took him in for his two month appointment and he is already eleven pounds. I remember with Wyatt being anxios for him to grow and to have all of the firsts, and now that I realize how fast it goes, I just want Walker to stay little. He is a very happy baby. He is always smiling and jabbering. He has brought such a sweet spirit into our home. I am glad that Heavenly Father knew we ready for him, before we did.

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We have hit the two's




How can something so cute be so sassy? McKartnee has always been so good natured. She was almost always happy. WAS is the key word. She is still happy most of the time, but when she doesnn't get her way, WATCH OUT!! We have hit the tantrums. When I tell her no, she will lay down kicking and screaming, and start hitting her head on the floor. Her favorite words are NO and MINE. I am glad to know this is a phase she will grow out of. It's a good thing she is so darn cute. On a happier note, she is constantly making us laugh. She has the funniest little personality. It makes up for the two's.
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